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Life doesn’t end the moment one becomes a mom.

With FHMoms, the room for learning is endless!


What’s a mom without a story to tell?

Dramas, failures and success stories -- we love them all!

Read inspiring stories and blogs about:


To find a mom group with the same passion and interest is not always a breeze.

Don’t worry, we got you covered!


What’s another way to describe moms? Deals and discounts, certainly! We’ve got that for you too!


We want to be a part of your journey. Let’s build each other up, share the fun and excitement. Be a MOMber.




Being a brand partner of FHMOMS brought Belle me Essentials bigger brand awareness. Collaborating with them make us gain more recognition and even opened bigger doors of opportunities for us.


Lei Ermitanio

Owner of Belle Ame Essentials


I'm able to get a very efficient and trustworthy VA through FHMoms. She's been working with me since May 2018 and I never had any issues in dealing with her. Two thumbs up for FHMoms and Mommy MK for producing quality VA's!


Chindee Roldan

Owner, SG Lah Travel Services Founder, Homebased Travel Agency Webclass


I am glad to have joined mommy MK's December Cool Program. I realized that she is the 'push' that I needed to get myself started. After just several days of training, she was able to share a lot of her knowledge about this industry. Her lectures were very straightforward and her tutorials had been helpful to people who are just starting to explore freelancing. I'm genuinely grateful to have stumbled upon FHMOMS Group.


Roselle Anne Marie Ongkho

December COOL Program Student


I was one of the attendees of FHMOMS Tagaytay Handson Training! Actually, that 4-hour workshop was just a "side trip" since my friends and I were really planning for an out-of-town dinner date in Tagaytay. I was fresh out of the corporate world at that time and already have my first online client as a WAHM. But thank God I attended that training!!! It was really an eye-opener for me when MK shared how she does her cover letters! I started following her approach and it got easier for me securing more clients!!! Believe me, her WAHM blueprint works, ladies! Thank you, momshie MK! And thank you, FHMOMS!


Belle Prado

Social Media Strategist and Website Builder


It was just the first month after opening the doors of our coworking space, and just like any start up business I was worried if we will get enough customers. But then I met Mommy MK of FHMOMS thru another FHMOMS member. She believed on us and we became space partner and they had one of their trainings here. Everything was smooth. They were very open and kind. Thankful for the opportunity to serve FHMOMS community.


Lea Purugganan

Owner of The Shared Spaces


Because of FHMOMS, my long time dream came true. Being part of the community, reading posts, watching live sessions, attending their online courses help me learn a lot about this unique industry. I enrolled in their Online Training and it really gave me a boost in
my confidence to enter this world and send out applications. I now have 2 clients whom I have been working for in the last 6 months, and I am now a certified Filipina Homebased Mom. Thank you Mommy MK for sharing your time and effort for the success of everyone in the group. Through you and your community, my life totally changed for the better." 


Jehn Domingo

Mom with 2 kids and no Yaya, Wife of an OFW, Hotel Manager turned Ecommerce VA


My job hunting journey became a learning journey. Taking up different online courses with FHMOMS is worth every centavo I spent. I have gain plenty of online friends as well beside developing myself. Now I know some apps that my kids with IT degree were not familiar with. They were surprised with what I have learned with the advanced courses and it also boost my self confidence. I’m am feeding my mind and investing in my learning so I can be well equipped to meet my soon to be client. I know one of these days my hard work will be rewarded. Thanks to Mommy MK for creating FHMOMS and giving us the FHMOMS Online University. She inspires us all and help the lives of many and empowered all women of FHMOMS.


Fina Zacarias

FHMOMS Online University Student of 4 Online Courses


I can still remember that one morning of July 2018 when Mommy MK and I spoke about the possibility of me taking over the trainer position for the course that I am handling now. Wow! I still feel like it was yesterday. I was hesitant at first because I felt like I did not deserve to teach or I am not fully-equipped to teach. I was overcame by self-doubt on the first month of teaching but as I continued and pressed on, I realized that when you genuinely want to help everything just flows naturally. I’m extremely thankful to FHMOMS and of course to Mommy MK for giving me this platform to help and teach and mentor so many Filipina moms to finally take the challenge of exploring graphic design. It is truly empowering and truly an experience that I will be forever thankful. #eachoneteachone


Kessa Thea Nielsen

Photo and Video Editing with Brand Marketing Trainer


I joined a lot of work from home groups, and this is one of the best! I am a silent reader but I have gained more knowledge on how to get an online job by watching their videos, reading posts, and a lot of helpful tips (from other working at home moms too!). Here in this group you can engage more and get immediate help if needed!

Here, you can also add value to  yourself as a mother to take care of your child(ren) while earning on the other hand. They have the most efficient discussions that are really applicable in the real world.

Thank you for creating this group!


Kish Patrata

Breastfeeding Mom, Former Tech Support turned General Virtual Assistant



Community of the Year in Freelancer Fair 2018

Best Beginner Hack Award in DevelopHer Challenge 2018